Our Company

The CIMAR was born in 1974 from the will of a group of entrepreneurs from the Teramo coast he saw the potential in the trade Clam (Lupino).

Located in the port of Giulianova on the Abruzzo coast, the CIMAR within a few years become a of the leading companies in the sector of the entire European scene commercializing daily thousands of Lupin and Mussels bags. In the early 80 expands its facilities to create the first facilities of shellfish purification of Italy (IT 001 CDM EC) . This system, even today, is the flagship of the company with its 300 square meters of tanks containing seawater taken up to 550 meters off the coast, purified (free of germs), and at a controlled temperature (14 °C).

Our History

Our Mission

The corporate purpose of CIMAR is to offer Shellfish grade ; for this reason, in addition to secure the cooperation of the area by fishing boats, constantly monitors the entire market national and international , to offer daily a wide selection of Seafood quality from different parts of the world.
The CIMAR offers its services to wholesale to restaurants, wholesalers, fishmongers and mass retailers in Italy and abroad. In store per minute for private offers live seafood purified, fresh seafood and cooked food to take away.