It is of course the first phase of the product processing CIMAR .


In the various ports around Italy, Our trucks await the return of the boat to load the fish to be transported in the company.


Arrived in our company, the seafood are entered in the purification tanks , where they remain for several hours depending on the type of product and the fishing area.


The sorting of mollusks is probably the most important phase of the process and one that distinguishes the quality Product CIMAR . This is done mechanically, to select the different measures of the fruit and manually to recognize and remove any dead people or with broken shells.

Manual selection

This process is undertaken by personnel with decades of experience in the industry that can distinguish dead from a clam color, smell or even the " Sound " that emits treated individually.


It is the last phase of the process, where the product is thoroughly rinsed with purified sea water before being packed and packed according to customer requirements.